Happy Birthday, Maddy!

When Maddy turned seven, our family celebrated by beginning a new chapter that was be life changing, helped to raise awareness for those suffering from food allergy, and helped educate people about OIT. Now, as Maddy turns 8, and will begin the 3rd grade, so many possibilities are open to her as a child that doesn't have food allergies standing in her way!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

BONUS BLOG! Midweek Excitement!

As soon as we began desensitization, we began discussing movement from the peanut free table. Maddy could not wait for the day it was an option. More than anything because the table is filled with a bunch of boys! She has always had a friend to sit with, but realistically, my daughter is a social butterfly and if you know anything about my daughter at all, you know that her friends drive her life... friends, social events, friends, and more friends! So, having the option of just one friend at lunch doesn't ruin her day, but it is kind of a bummer, really, and she knows that it would just be AWESOME to sit with anyone she'd like!

So, when Dr. Mayer let us know that, sure, she could sit in a new seat, at a new table, with a few exceptions, she was GEEKED! He let us know that as long as we, her parents, "could handle it," he didn't think kids at her age should be excluded since certainly they know not to share or touch others' food, and could probably handle washing down their area prior to eating. I was excited for her, and Jason, I believe, was elated for her. Given that the kids don't eat in a classroom group, I added the napkin as a barrier, just for one more safety precaution and the plans were made. Honestly, though, the ace in the hole, was desensitization. Two months ago, I am not sure I would have agreed with him, though my impression is that he doesn't necessarily recommend the peanut free table for anyone in second grade, believing that it is too exclusive, which is actually right in line with my general philosophy.

After my mini panic attack, I prepped Maddy for school, sent her in with a lunch, a wet wipe, and a fresh napkin. Jason went into speak with staff & prep them for what was to come!

When I got to work, I watched my phone all day... Just in case, but not only was all well... all was perfect! She washed her area down twice and was excited, so excited to have friends ALL around her and she didn't have to choose one! And can you imagine the anxiety let down for her to not have to worry in the morning if she would have even one friend to sit with at lunch, if even one friend has a peanut free lunch that day?

Congratulations, my girl!

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  1. This video almost made me cry. This is so wonderful for her! :)